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  • A reservation is requested to secure the rental, the difference will be paid on the day of boarding. (see conditions)
  • Extra rate for rental with skipper: €200/8h (the skipper is paid separately, on the day of boarding)
  • Insurance included (€500 deposit). The deposit is delivered in cash on the day of boarding.
  • Fuel not included. It is delivered with a full tank, the client must return the boat with a full tank (If it is not returned with a full tank, there is a €30 penalty). YAMAHA ENGINES WITH INCREDIBLY LOW CONSUMPTION!!!!


Boat rental in Fornells.

Invictus is the brand that has started new trends in recreational boating, with new, classic, vintage shapes, but that create comfortable, ergonomic boats, without strange things that make the stay on board complicated.

The Invictus 190 FX is a quality boat, with an exquisite design, equipped with a formidable hull, adapted to family navigation and with the details of a larger boat. It is the Mini Cooper of the sea, elegant, exclusive and made for those who want a special and different product.

The Yamaha F115 is a powerhouse that gives it outstanding performance, capable of providing a sufficient cruising speed, around 21-22 knots, but it can reach 32 knots at top speed. Capable of dealing with the most adverse navigation situations at high speed, with an optimal consumption-speed relationship that only YAMAHA engines can provide.

Departure port: Fornells

Year of construction: 2021

Length: 6.20m

Navigation area: unlimited

Capacity: 8 people

Licence required


  • Retractable awning
  • Solarium in bow and stern
  • Dinette table in the bow
  • Swimming platform with direct access
  • Fresh water shower
  • Quality mats, leather details and clamps.
  • Multifunction screen (GPS, nautical charts, depth, etc.)
  • Igloo Marine Refrigerator
  • Bose Bluetooth speaker
  • VHF station
  • Locatable by GPS
  • Snorkeling goggles
Ancla 2


1/2 Día
1 Día
1 June - 15 July
16 July - 31 July
Ancla 1


> If I leave from Fornells, what route do you recommend?

< It will really depend on the sea report that day; The fantastic thing about renting a boat in Fornells is that if you go towards the East (Favaritx, Mongofre etc), it is brutal. If you go towards the West (Cavallería, Pregonda, Pilar etc), it is brutal. If you stay close (Tusqueta, Pudent etc), it is brutal.

It is the area of ​​Menorca where you will enjoy the marine fauna the most.

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